Rendering based on Hodgson House in New Canaan, Connecticut


Rendering is based on Hodgson House, a private home by Philip Johnson, located in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Retro inspired BMW concept

Here is a retro inspired BMW concept that I have been working on lately.


The idea was to make a modern take on the early formula 1 cars from the 1950s.
I also wanted to adapt this concept to an existing brand, which in this case became BMW.

Octane corners

Image created for the latest Octane Render Competition. Octane for 3ds Max is a quite well integrated version of the render, which removes the need to export geometry to Octane for rendering. The Integration doesn’t yet support all the functionality of max but is definitely as easy to use as Maxwell.

Bentley Luxury Concept

May I present the Bentley Luxury Concept.
The inspiration for this concept comes from wooden boats, old classic cars with wood panels and the luxurious look of the brand Bentley.

I also wanted to throw in a touch of my own roots, which is why I chose a common type of wood used in Swedish furniture design, namely birch wood.

The car is a massive 6+ meters long with a presence unlike no other car going down the road.

Render of 3d Landscape with Ruins

I wanted to create a 3D landscape that had an Amazonian feel, with some mysterious ruins. I came up with this idea, using Vue 8.4 Studio and then adding the Ruined Tower and the Monument in post processing with Photoshop.