Dynamic Modelling of a Lighting Grid in Cinema4d Using Mograph – Part 2


In the first part of this tutorial, we built a lighting grid using a couple of MoGraph Cloners and a Volume Effector. At the end of part 01 we ended up with a lighting grid made up of plain spheres. In part two, we’ll model a basic light bulb and go through the process of placing that object into our cloners without “breaking” our setup.

Dynamic Modelling of a Lighting Grid in Cinema4d Using Mograph – Part 1

Does your client want “that light grid look from all of the music videos a little while back”? FINE…but you need to scroll a bunch of text through it…which means you need to be able to switch in new text on the fly. PROBLEM…until now. You would have to fake the lights using some sort of animated texture map. That’s not a bad solution until you need to get CLOSE to the lights and then they’ll end up looking like crap. Using the Volume Effector from C4D’s MoGraph module you can model dynamically, leaving your text in a procedural generator (Text Object), ready for changes. In the first part of this tutorial we’ll go through the theory and setup the basic MoGraph model and get it running. In part two, we’ll work on actually modeling the lights and the rig to get a good-looking final model.

Create a Stylish Liquid Type Logo Using Cinema 4d Realflow and after Effects

In this in-depth, 86 step tutorial, you will learn how to create a stylish liquid looking logo using Next Limit’s Realflow. Using Cinema 4D as the main 3D package, you will learn how to integrate Illustrator and After Effects to efficiently design, simulate, export, and render your final animation.

Create Feather Simulations Using 3ds Max Hair System

A few days ago there was an entry in the news of “maxunderground.com” speaking about a feather simulator for XSI, it was curious to me that was necessary to develop a simulator for feathers specifically, it was a curios thing until I began to do some feather in max, a feather simulator can be very useful, specially if the main character of our production is going to be a chicken full of feathers, but we can achieve similar results using the hair system that we have within max.

Match Your 3d Animation to Live Action Footage Using Syntheyes, Cinema 4d, Realflow and After Effects

3d camera matching is simultaneously one of the most widely used and most elusive to learn CG techniques in both the film and advertising industries today. In this video tutorial, we will discuss a comprehensive method for tracking video footage, and eventually exporting it for use in your 3d package of choice.