Hours of Video Tutorials on Particle Flow Fume fx Afterburn Dynamics Compositing Maxscript and 3d Studio Max


Here you can find literally hours of content on Particle Flow, Fume FX, Afterburn, Dynamics, Compositing and other FX related material for 3D Studio Max.

Learn How to Render Perfect Masks for Photoshop Post Pocessing Using Vray Render Elements

When it come to archviz rendering, one of the first thing to learn is to create good masks to retouch materials or objects individually in photoshop. If the most popular alpha mask allows you to cut out the entire rendering from his background, other type of masks (based on elements or objects) became essential for an efficient workflow in archviz. Learn how to obtain perfect masks using Vray Render Elements.

How to Make a Camera Submerge Underground – After Effects Tutorial

Animate a camera through one surface to another below. Combine camera mapping techniques with real textures.

How to Create Cool Renders Using Zbrush and Adobe Photoshop

This is a great step by step tutorial on how to get amazing renders using Pixologic ZBrush and Adobe Photoshop.

Create Growing 3d Vines Using 3ds Max