How to Render 3d Birthday Balloons in 3ds Max and Mental Ray


Detailed 3ds Max tutorial about modeling colorful party balloons and rendering them with Mental Ray.

How to Create a 3d Water Surface Rendering in 3ds Max and Mental Ray

Using Mental Ray’s Lume shader and Daylight system to create realistic ocean scene in 3ds Max.

How to Make a Simple Spin Logo Animation with Cinema 4d – Part 1

In this tutorial, I use Cinema 4D, Mograph and the Random Effector to animate a simple logo. I also show you how to texture your text with different textures for the front and sides. Finally, we animate a camera using CS Tools Easy cam and prepare our animation for render.

Making of Maison Hermes High Rise 3d Render

A Making of the 3d architectural visualization render – ‘Maison Hermes’ by Renzo Piano. Description of how to post process a base render to final image.

Making of GH House 3d Render by Anton Cherenko

A making of article by Anton Cherenko describing the process of creating his 3d renders for the Architectural Visualization Challenge – The GH House.