GDC Masterclass – Taking the Horror Out of Monster Rigging in Autodesk Maya


Silent Hill : Homecoming presented unique rigging challenges that forced us to look at character rigging in new ways. From exposed tendons to faking volume deformation to mechanical spider-like arms, all of which needing to run in-game at real time, provided challenges never seen before in my career. However, almost 9 years of rigging in Maya provide me with the tools and the strong foundation needed to find solutions where none existed before. In this session, I will not only explain these rigs but go through the though process and describe how the solutions were derived. This session is designed for beginning to intermediate Maya users familiar with Maya workflow and interface, as well as character rigging. Familiarity with Maya IK systems and joint creation would be helpful but not necessary.

Build an Advanced Drifting Car Rig in 3ds Max

In this advanced level tutorial, you will learn all of the steps necessary to build a fully functioning car rig in 3D Studio Max. This rig features working suspension, steering and body roll, as well as some functionality for drifting and powerslides. You will learn how to set up internal functionality through links, constraints, expressions, and parameter wiring. The final result will be a robust rig with easy, and accessible controls.

3ds Max Car Rig