Creating a Low-Poly City


In this 40 min video tutorial you will learn how to create a low poly city using a free plugin Greeble. We will also talk about mapping techniques for this project. Below is the low-res version of the tutorial, if you like to download the hi-resolution file then register in the CGArena forum and download the zip version of the high-resolution file.

MaxScript Rollouts – Learn How to Create Floating Dialog Windows for Your MaxScripts and How to Create a Random Selection Utility

This week I’ve got a great episode that goes into how you can create floating dialog windows for your MaxScripts. I’ll even go into how you can create a “Random Selection” utility in MaxScript. Hope you enjoy it!

MaxScript Basics – Learn How to Automate the Creation and Manipulation of Objects Using MaxScript Within 3DS Max

I’ll be showing you how to do some basic automation in 3dsMax’s MaxScript scripting language. It’s a lot easier than you think and can give you a real edge! We’ll be looking at how you can manipulate some cubes using simple MaxScript operations, and I’ll show you how to use the Macro Recorder to automate almost any process in 3dsMax.