Create Very Realistic Looking Rocks in 3ds Max and Vray


Part 1 of this tutorial shows a way to create very realistic looking rocks that can be rendered far away or for very detailed work. After failing to find a decent tutorial online I decided to start experimenting and I came up with this. I already knew how to make decent looking rock but I needed a way of generating loads quickly for a very rocky landscape. In Part 2 we are going to distribute those Rocks on a large scale using Vray Mesh Export and the Advanced Painter Plugin.

How to UV Map a Character in Autodesk Maya 2009

Efficient UV mapping is a very important step before you can begin texturing any 3d model, and will inevitably affect every other stage of your workflow, from baking normal maps, all the way to performance, rendering, and frame rate . In this tutorial you will learn the complete workflow necessary to effectively UV map a character in Maya 2009. If can be a tedious process, but with proper planning, clever conventions, and tricky time savers, it can be a very fun and rewarding process too. Note: This tutorial is intended for symmetrical geometry only.

How to Hand Paint Convincing Metal Textures in Adobe Photoshop

Metal texturing is something that is all too often done poorly by simply overlaying photos on top of one another. While this can look alright if done properly, it usually ends up looking like stone or concrete, which does not look or act the way that metal does in real life. We can counteract this by making our own low-contrast base texture, using our own brushes, and also using lots of layers and masks, and finally end up with a hand painted texture that looks and acts much more like real life metal.