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Using Ant Stitcher will save you hours on any environment modeling project. Matching complex terrain geometry to roads is just a matter of a few clicks!

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Why Ant Stitcher?

Designed for Architectural Visualization and Game Environment scenes with complex terrains, roads and buildings that need to match, Ant Stitcher will save any environment artist countless hours of tedious vertex pulling and pushing. Using the script couldn’t be easier: just select the source and destination vertices and click “Stitch’em” for a perfectly matched connection between the selected objects.
What is it?

Ant Stitcher is a MAXScript which automatically moves a set of selected vertices of a source mesh to their closest counterpart in the destination mesh for a seamless match between the two meshes. When Soft Selection is enabled for the source mesh, the script will also calculate and reposition the vertices within the Soft Selection range for a smooth connection between the objects. The Cleanup Options help optimizing the resulting geometry by welding all the vertices which are overlapping or within the selected threshold, and by adding a Relax Modifier and a Smooth Modifier which are maintained in the edit stack for further editing.
What it’s not?


Ant Stitcher works only on Editable Mesh or Editable Poly objects. It will not work with objects having Editable Poly/Mesh Modifiers or Poly/Mesh Select Modifiers uncollapsed in the edit stack.

Features list:

  • One click selection tool for vertices on open edges
  • Automatic Command Pannel switching for fast work flow
  • Works with both Editable Polys and Editable Meshes
  • Optional welding for the vertices found in the set threshold
  • Optional Relax modifier to help reduce distortions on the geometry
  • Optional Smooth modifier to solve any smoothing issues
  • Progress bar for a visual representation of the progress
  • All operations are reversible by using the UNDO button
  • Works on high poly count objects
  • Includes a detailed User Guide in PDF format
  • Requires 3ds Max Design or 3ds Max version 9 SP1 or above


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