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Ant Traffic Simulator streamlines the process of rigging and animating vehicles and drastically reduces the set up time.

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Adding animated vehicles to your scene was a frustrating chore. Generic rigs are usually bloated and annoying to set up. If you decide to create your own rig, then you will have to learn all about animation controllers, writing expressions, and path constraints among many others.

Ant Traffic Simulator eliminates all the frustration: now you just select your vehicle and click one button to rig it; select the spline to use as path and press a button to have your cars animated along that path; choose the terrain you want to be followed and with couple of clicks your vehicles will follow it. Do you need your vehicle to stop at a stop sign? Just click a button and it will stop. Need your vehicle to drive at 60 miles per hour? Set the speed at 60 and click a button. What can be more simple than that?

Features list:


  • Automatic vehicle rigging for multiple vehicle styles and sizes
  • Works with Vray Proxy and Mental Ray Proxy objects
  • Works with instanced geometry to save memory
  • Automatic secondary motion for added realism
  • Path following with proper wheel rotation and steering
  • Terrain following
  • Automatic looping on the path for continuous animation
  • Vehicle speed setting in Miles per Hour
  • Traffic setup with random vehicle placement on chosen paths
  • Animated path switching to simulate lane changes
  • One click vehicle stop/starts with easing in and out
  • Quick selection buttons for rigs and vehicle objects
  • Cars per hour calculator for realistic traffic simulation
  • Includes a detailed User Guide in PDF format
  • Requires 3ds Max Design or 3ds Max version 9 SP1 or above


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