Leaves Blowing in the Wind – 3DS Max


This tutorial fakes an otherwise difficult PF workflow using 3DS Max’s Foliage object. It also covers the creation of some simple bitmap textures in Photoshop or any other image editor. The animation you’ll create will be lightning fast to render and easy to incorporate into any scene. We also provide the completed scene (see the end of the tutorial).

How to Render an Underwater Scene with 3ds Max and Mental Ray

In this 3ds Max tutorial we’re going to create a deep blue sea under a wavy water surface. We’re going to create fog, light rays, and bubbles underwater.

How to Render 3d Stones in Water with 3ds Max and Mental Ray

Step by step tutorial for modeling and rendering japanese style stones in 3ds Max.

How to Render 3d Birthday Balloons in 3ds Max and Mental Ray

Detailed 3ds Max tutorial about modeling colorful party balloons and rendering them with Mental Ray.

How to Create a 3d Water Surface Rendering in 3ds Max and Mental Ray

Using Mental Ray’s Lume shader and Daylight system to create realistic ocean scene in 3ds Max.