Render of Coca Cola Cans with Water Droplets


Rediscovering Mental Ray. Free time project, just for fun.

Modeling a Tilable Decorative Element Using a Reference Photo in 3ds Max

In this tutorial I would like to show you process of making decorative element for interior. Effect, I think, is pretty good and this technique combined with another can be used to model more complicated elements. Level of difficulty depends mostly on your knowledge about 3ds Max (you don’t have to be pro to be able to achieve final result fast).

How to Setup and Create the Effect of Animated 3d Strokes in both Maya and 3ds Max

In this tutorial, Dror Lazar demonstrates how to setup and create the effect of animated 3D strokes. Dror shows techniques in both Maya and 3ds Max.

How to Make an Alpha Channel Cut in Your Render Using 3ds Max and Vray

This is a really nice method to quickly cut an alpha hole into your CG scene so you can then easily composite any image into the alpha area. This technique can be used in many different situations, and I have personally used it in TV commercials and many of my personal projects for fun. Hopefully you will find this trick useful too!

How to Use Hair and Fur in 3d Studio Max

A short How-To article about the use of the Hair and Fur modifier in 3D Studio Max to create a fur like cloth on a bedroom chair