How to Setup and Create the Effect of Animated 3d Strokes in both Maya and 3ds Max


In this tutorial, Dror Lazar demonstrates how to setup and create the effect of animated 3D strokes. Dror shows techniques in both Maya and 3ds Max.

How to Make a Cascading Text Animation with Cinema 4d and after Effects – Part 1

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a fun cascading text effect shown below using Cinema 4D. Mograph, shader effectors, step effectors, and extrude nurbs. I also show you how to light the scene by using some reflective white cards and my upcoming Studio Light Kit.

Create a Jelly Like Text Animation in Cinema 4d and after Effects

Learn the tools necessary to create interesting and captivating motion graphics in this exciting look into modeling, rigging, animation, materials, lighting, rendering and compositing using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Additive and Morph Target Animation in Unreal Development Kit – Advanced Level Video Tutorials

First two videos of a series of small and quick videos where I show you how to do specific things in Unreal Development Kit and other programs. The first video will show you how to easily make a GetHit animation on a character and how to make it work in an AnimTree while the second one will walk you through how to set up a mesh in Maya 2009, animate it with a Blend Shape (Morph Target) and get it to work in Unreal Development Kit.

3d Illustration Portfolio of Metin Seven

Sevensheaven loves to create 3D artwork in a wide range of styles, ranging from experimental to realistic.