Create a Stylish Liquid Type Logo Using Cinema 4d Realflow and after Effects


In this in-depth, 86 step tutorial, you will learn how to create a stylish liquid looking logo using Next Limit’s Realflow. Using Cinema 4D as the main 3D package, you will learn how to integrate Illustrator and After Effects to efficiently design, simulate, export, and render your final animation.

Tutorial on How to Texture and Render an Interior Scene with Cinema 4d and Vray

This is the part 2 of a beginner/ intermediate level tutorial covering modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering of a realistic interior scene using Cinema 4d and Vray. The first day will focus on modeling the room and all of the furniture, and the second on materials, lights, rendering, and post production.

Learn How to Create a Cushion with Fringes Using Cloth and Hair Modules in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Rob Redman shows you how to use the cloth engine with a basic primitive object to create a scatter cushion for an architectural render. For a nice, simple addition he also shows you how to use the hair module to add a fluffy fringe to the seams.

Video Tutorial on How to Model an Ipod Nano in Cinema 4D

In this Cinema 4D video tutorial, guest host Grischa Theissen walks step-by-step through the techniques for modelling, texturing and lighting a realistic iPod Nano.

GI Studio Lighting in Cinema 4D

In this Cinema 4D tutorial we will cover building a studio environment, rendering with global illumination, and color correcting your render in Adobe Photoshop.