Versace Penthouse


The structure and a lot of the furniture was modeled already. I refined some details like the wrinkes, patterns, stitching and cushions, applied all new materials and lit in VRay.

Wine Cellar

High resolution illustration of a wine cellar. All the models were built and textured in 3ds Max, final render done with Vray. Textures and post production by Daniel van Pelt.

Indoor Outdoor Shower

An indoor/outdoor shower area for a Hawaiian resort. This frame is part of an interior animation showing the interior of one if their suites.

Hood and Range Detail

Detail of a high end residential kitchen, modeled and rendered with 3ds Max and Vray.
Post production by Holli Alvarado.

High End Residential Kitchen

Part of a series of three illustration this is a high end kitchen for a luxury residential complex. Everything was modeled in 3ds Max and rendered with Vray.
Post production by Holli Alvarado and Daniel van Pelt.