Rendering Tutorial Explaining the Basics of Vray for Maya


A basic tutorial covering the setup and how to start rendering using Vray for Autodesk Maya.

How to Create a Realistic Looking Dirt Layer Using Autodesk Maya Transfer Maps

When attempting to add realistic looking dirt and grime to your 3d art, it can sometimes be a little too easy to go overboard. In this tutorial you will learn a simple technique of adding dust and dirt to your 3d objects, without overdoing it, to finally give them a more lifelike and realistic feel. The software we will be using is Autodesk Maya, but this technique can be used on almost any 3d model, and can easily be acieved in all of the major 3d packages on the market.

Rendering Wireframe in Autodesk Maya Using Toonshader

This is a tutorial to render a wireframe mesh using the Maya ToonShader. It’s a super lightweight and very customizable solution. The author also wrote a Mel Script for the purpose of the tutorial which lets you add the wireframe and adjusts the required settings.

Escapestudios – Leading cg Academy

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Making of a Tunnel Environment in Maya and Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a fantastic tunnel scene in Maya, and then add some final lighting touches in Photoshop. You follow Abed Ibrahim through his process as he of modeling, texturing, shading, and rendering techniques, and finally arrive at the spectacular result that is shown here.