Render of 3d Landscape with Ruins


I wanted to create a 3D landscape that had an Amazonian feel, with some mysterious ruins. I came up with this idea, using Vue 8.4 Studio and then adding the Ruined Tower and the Monument in post processing with Photoshop.

Render of Coca Cola Cans with Water Droplets

Rediscovering Mental Ray. Free time project, just for fun.

Sanctuary Visualization – Tuscan House Exterior Illustration

Exterior render of a Tuscan style residence.

Adding Fog Using Vray Zdepth Render Pass

Here’s a quick and flexible way to emulate the look of fog in the background of an image. I recently used this technique in the visualization of the Agami House in Yaffo. It’s true it might not look real enough but for most cases this really looks good enough and you have the added bonus of fast render and flexible edit inside Photoshop if the client ask for tweaks.

Sanctuary Visualization – Kitchen and Living Room Render

A shot of a kitchen and Living room with a little loving inspiration.