How to Create a 3d Water Surface Rendering in 3ds Max and Mental Ray


Using Mental Ray’s Lume shader and Daylight system to create realistic ocean scene in 3ds Max.

How to Make a Simple Spin Logo Animation with Cinema 4d – Part 1

In this tutorial, I use Cinema 4D, Mograph and the Random Effector to animate a simple logo. I also show you how to texture your text with different textures for the front and sides. Finally, we animate a camera using CS Tools Easy cam and prepare our animation for render.

Making of Maison Hermes High Rise 3d Render

A Making of the 3d architectural visualization render – ‘Maison Hermes’ by Renzo Piano. Description of how to post process a base render to final image.

3d Ground Cover Modeling in 3d Studio Max

A ‘Making-Of’ article describing the creation of ground cover in the ‘Jeff’s House’ scene. Learn how to scatter hundreds of stones, grass and leaves. Enjoy.

Modeling a Tilable Decorative Element Using a Reference Photo in 3ds Max

In this tutorial I would like to show you process of making decorative element for interior. Effect, I think, is pretty good and this technique combined with another can be used to model more complicated elements. Level of difficulty depends mostly on your knowledge about 3ds Max (you don’t have to be pro to be able to achieve final result fast).