Sanctuary Visualization – Kitchen and Living Room Render


A shot of a kitchen and Living room with a little loving inspiration.

A-Viz – Weekend Home Visualization

Render of a small home intended for temporary living.

How to Setup Studio Rendering with 3ds Max and Vray

Render of a Hummer H1 Vehicle

Rendering of a Hummer H1 I modeled a few months ago. Modeling and rendering took around 50 hours. Standard poly modeling techniques.

Tutorial on How to Texture and Render an Interior Scene with Cinema 4d and Vray

This is the part 2 of a beginner/ intermediate level tutorial covering modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering of a realistic interior scene using Cinema 4d and Vray. The first day will focus on modeling the room and all of the furniture, and the second on materials, lights, rendering, and post production.