Modo – Zbrush Displacement Workflow with Displacement Exporter


Learn how to create a displacement map in ZBrush and apply it and render the final image in Modo.

Getting Started with Zbrush a Series of 80 Video Tutorials from the Creators of Zbrush

New to ZBrush? This series of 80 short tips and tutorials will get you up and running with ZBrush fast.

Art of Vitaly Bulgarov

The personal website of Vitaly Bulgarov, an award-winning 3D artist who is currently working at Blizzard Entertainment as a Cinematic Artist. His work has been published in “Eposé 3” and “D’artiste.”

Creating a Vase in Zbrush Using Radial Symmetry Mesh Extraction and the Zproject Brush

In this four part video tutorial you will learn how to use the radial symmetry to construct the overall shape of the vase, mesh extraction to cut the hole and finally use the ZProject brush to add the character’s face.

How to Create Cool Renders Using Zbrush and Adobe Photoshop

This is a great step by step tutorial on how to get amazing renders using Pixologic ZBrush and Adobe Photoshop.